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Why 417 Skincare Offers One Of The Best Natural Skincare Ranges For Glowing Healthy Skin

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

When we think about a trip to the beach, our mind often drifts off into thoughts of relaxation and fun. But did you know that going for an adventure can also solve many common skin problems? Sea salt has been used as a treatment in ancient cultures all over the world because it’s proven effective when applied topically (that is; on your body). The minerals found naturally within the dead sea 'Minus417 skincare' range provides relief from inflammation while helping with dryness which gives us perfect results no matter what type or severity of your particular skin issue may be!

The Minus 417 dead sea skincare line is a skin-healing mineral paradise. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are packed with healing properties to help remove toxins from your body while also promoting optimal health for those who suffer from acne or damaged skin! Magnesium's anti-inflammatory qualities reduce inflammation on the face which helps you get that clear complexion without drying out their natural moisture and sulfur which is naturally found in sea salt water acts as an antiseptic agent against clogged pores reducing breakouts and blackheads.

In addition, dead sea mud masks are a natural way to kill bacteria, by reducing the amount of oil on your skin whilst providing a natural exfoliation. You are guaranteed that the minerals from these waters that are packed into this skincare range help with cleanliness by opening your pores for deep cleaning while also encouraging blood flow which can make all types of serums/ moisturisers easier for your body absorb into its cells!

Have you tried Minus417 yet? If not I've got some free samples for Australians just pop us an email and you can try before you buy!

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