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Minus 417 Australia Story

Legendary skin care creation born out of our founder’s passion for art, utilizing the finest elements from Mother Nature, the Dead Sea. Awaken your senses with an exclusive beauty experience

Uncommon Sensations

When creating our -417 masterpiece, we consider it a work of art, full of emotions.

Just like seeing a painting for the first time, we aspire to bring you a unique beauty experience of uncommon sensations.
We start at the source, Mother Nature, bringing you the most embracing energy coming from the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, utilising the finest natural elements of treatment, care and pure love.

Precious mud, crystal minerals and essential aromatic oils are selectively chosen and formulated with the most legendary ingredient of nature; to wrap your body and mind with uncommon sensations.

“Your face is your canvas. Before makeup and other enhancers, beauty starts with your skincare.”



We invite you to explore sensual textures, enjoy irresistible fragrances, see wishful unexpected results and live the dead sea skincare experience of -417, with beauty you can sense.

Changing the Face of Beauty

Born in Israel, Moty Fridman is recognized in the art world as an accomplished and innovative sculptor. Though his artwork has been around for years, Moty decided to enter another realm of beauty: skincare. In 2003, Moty founded -417, a global skincare brand, sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. Moty‘s modernist philosophy extends to beauty and beyond. As an artist, Moty‘s continual passion for beauty and purity inspired him to create skincare products as the tools to help people become a master of their own art. -417‘s products are laid out in order much like how an artist would paint, beginning with products to “prepare the canvas.”

I have very sensitive skin and only like to use natural vegan skincare, many product don't work. The products I love from this range is Micellar eye and skincare remover, so effective. The Toner and the eyes creams both the cream and peptide, I can really see a difference.

A Gussy

M Mitchell

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