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Customers Say It Best

866 - Radiant Intense Cream


I save this special moisturiser for when m skin needs that extra pampering. It is a wonder cream and I always feel so good after applying it along with the rest of my regime. Very good for those in harsher climates.

K Taylor

819 - Micro Luffa Foaming Gel


This is one of my all-time favourite cleansers! I love how it feels, it’s not abrasive or harsh on my skin. I use this regularly and my skin is in the best condition it’s ever been.


818 - Advanced Re-generating Firming Cream


I use this particular firming cream when I would like an increase of moisture if its feeling slightly dehydrated. It is a favourite I like to use after the magnetic mud recovery mask also. When my skin feels like that extra boost, this will be the one I go to. It also has a great consistency.

K Tyalor

977 - Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion


The best body lotion every! I simply love the fragrance and I have been looking for a long time for this one. And it’s not just the great smell. The lotion keeps my skin hydrated and soft for a long time. I highly recommend this one. Thank you -417 for the best fragranced lotion ever

L Peterson

978 – Soft & Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel


Love the fresh delicate smell and my skin is not dry any more after using if just a few weeks. This was the first product that I bought from minus 417 after my friend recommend it and fell in love with this company mainly because of the delicate smells and the effect on the skin it does.


833 – Relaxing Nourishing Foot Cream


I have enjoyed this cream for a number of years now, and only use this on my feet. It softens, removes dryness, and has a wonderful fragrance. It took a while to find, but this is the only foot cream I will use.


878 - Aromatic Balancing Body Scrub


This is by far the best scrub I have tried so far. It was recommended to me by a friend and ever since this is the only one I use. Delicious delicate smell, great textures, leaves the skin so silky and smooth… a really great product.


852 - Aromatic Deep Nutrition Body Butter


A really great body butter! The fragrance is the best that I have ever had. And it lasts a long time. Even when I have been exercising and sweaty. Also, a good moisturising effect.

L Peterson

947 - SOS Skin Relief Cream


I suffer from psoriasis and this cream really helps in keeping the patches I have at bay. It also soothes the itchiness I get when patches start. I cannot fault it at all, and it is the only body cream I use.

C Levey

947 - SOS Skin Relief Cream


I have been using this product for several year and will not be without it in my First Aid Kit. I’ve used it for all types of skin issues and recommended it to many others also. Love the fact that I can heal though using a completely natural product

K Taylor

813 - Miracle Rejuvenation Wrinkle Filler


Perfect product!!! One of my favourites. Will definitely purchase again as soon as I run out of it.


813 - Miracle Rejuvenation Wrinkle Filler


Amazing product. You can see immediately a major change in the skin… Love it!

J Maranto

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