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Beauty Routine Tips Using -417


Any beauty routine always begins by cleansing the skin both in the morning and at night. Here is the beauty routine -417 recommends to you to cleanse your skin. Soaps Soaps are a simple and efficient method to clean your face and body, -417 soaps are 100% vegan. You can choose between mineral or mud versions. Rich Mineral Hydrating Soap Face & Body The spa-level cosmetic soap leaves your skin feeling amazingly clean and refreshed with its Dead Sea Salt which contains 21 minerals that gently cleanse away the grime of the day or oil build-up of the night. The soap can be used on the face and as a body wash. Ultra-Deep Mattifying Cleansing Mud Soap Face & Body The spa-level cosmetic soap based on Dead Sea mud works deeply to mattify the skin, soaking up the excess sebum and other oils, leaving your skin with that nice matte look that’s ready and primed for your rejuvenating and moisturising products. The soap can be used on the face and as a body wash. Cleansers When choosing a cleanser, look for one that hydrates rather than strips your skin of moisture. The amazing cleansing gel is the Micro Luffa Foaming Gel enriched with micro luffa beans. Experience the unique and sensorial luffa bean sensation as this vegan formula gently exfoliates, cleanses, and stimulates renewing circulation. This product is to be used as a facial wash. Toner If your skin is sensitive, the best cleanser is a toner. Use the -417 Mineral Infusion Hydrating Toner and experience the renewing sensation as this vegan formula helps regenerate the skin as it tightens the pores, provides amazing antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, and rebalances while softening the skin for a more youthful appearance. The Micellar & Mineral Dead Sea Water – the perfect all-in-one vegan formula Experience a vegan, smooth, silky clean that only a micellar cleanser can bring, while at the same time restoring your skin’s optimal hydration levels. You can use the Micellar & Mineral Dead Sea Water in the following ways: -to remove makeup, including eye makeup: Lightly press the dampened pad onto your face and close your eyes for a few seconds. Then gently wipe away your makeup without any harsh rubbing to freshen your face: Gently wipe away any buildup with a dampened pad without harsh rubbing until removed and a refreshing result is achieved. Face Mask To give your skin even more moisture, incorporate face masks into your regimen. Choose the Time Control Firming Radiant Mud Mask; An amazing two-in-one exfoliating and nourishing mud mask, enriched with anti-aging ingredients and based on a unique blend of rich Dead Sea mud that deeply cleanses the skin, absorbs excess oil and all traces of impurities while gently exfoliating dead skin cells and nourishing the skin at the same time.

Tanya Harris

Aussie Skincare

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