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Should You Be Using An Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber For Better Skin?

Should you be using an ultrasonic skin scrubber to clean and lift your skin? this blog may help you make your decision. Did you know that using a skin scrubber can help with your overall skin health and appearance. We all know that your skin can benefit from a good scrub

What are Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers?

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers are designed for skincare enthusiasts who want to improve their complexion. They work by sending out sound waves which break down dirt and oil on your face. Ultrasonic devices offer exfoliation as well as hydration due to the added vibration function. They are more precise than manual scrubs, so if you're looking for a fast fix, this is a must-have device for your skincare regime.

How Do They Work?

You might have thought that an ultrasonic skin scrapper cleanses the skin using vibration, but this is not true. Instead of a rubber format, these scrubbers are made of metal and use high-frequency vibes via sound waves to transform your cells from cell to cell. In order for dirt to be gently vibrated away "Cells start ‘talking’ with each other and your pores open wide, dead skin and dirt are collected resulting in a deep cleanse and the removal and prevention of blackheads.


  • Deeply cleanses away all the impurities on your skin and shrinks pores with this deep exfoliator.

  • Helps you to reveal radiant, healthier-looking skin while improving your complexion.

  • Results in a softer touch than other forms of scrubbing which can be harsh on the skin.

  • One of the biggest benefits of an ultrasonic skin scrubber is that they’re one of the gentlest forms of exfoliation on the market as such, suitable for all types of skin.


Ultrasonic skin scrubbers are as exciting and gentle as they can be, but users need to ensure that the frequency of use is not so high that they may suffer from sensitisation or injury. Remember that ultrasonic skin scrubbers are used to exfoliate the surface layer of your skin gently in order for it to shed more quickly. It's important to remember this when using an ultrasonic device - don't overuse them!

How To Use?

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers are a new type of wet exfoliation device that works best when the skin is damp. When activated, ultrasonic waves create deep vibrations and allow for the effective removal of dead cells without damaging surrounding tissue because it doesn't require heat or friction to function. Follow these instructions for optimal results.

1. Wet your skin with warm water.

The ultrasonic skin spatula will only work if the skin is wet.

2. Apply the correction motion of the spatula on your skin.

Always start at the top of your face to avoid trapping dirt in any crevices. Starting from between your brows, gently push up and out with gentle pressure while scrubbing for a clean-looking fresh complexion!

3. Slow down for extractions and deep clean.

To get the most out of these devices, it is important that you know how long and where on your face to go slow. The trick is to remember the slower you go, the deeper you exfoliate, therefore reducing your speed in areas that are prone to blackheads and pimples.

4. Once completed, apply your regular skincare routine.

A good cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed, so be sure to take a few minutes after the process to properly cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Toner is especially important because it can close pores for longer periods of time!

5. Take care of your device.

Once you have finished, clean the metal scrapper with a bit of antibacterial hand soap and warm water. Allow air drying on a clean towel.

How Often to Use

To start, we recommend only using these products once or twice a week. You want to see how your skin reacts and then adjust accordingly from there.

An ultrasonic skin scrubber is a new, exciting way to exfoliate your skin. It gets rid of all the dead cells so you can start with fresh and smooth skin before applying your skincare regime.

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Tanya Harris


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