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Gifts Under $75 - Hand & Foot Nourishing Creams and Mud Soap With Pumice Stone

Gifts Under $75 - Hand & Foot Nourishing Creams and Mud Soap With Pumice Stone

SKU: 838, 833, 821

Hand Cream


Feel the silky-smooth moisturiser that helps protects skin from the ravages of environmental pollutants. Best hand moisturiser.


Experience the protectiveness of a mineral base that helps to combat the elements that attack your skin every day.


Protects and soothes hands while improving moisture levels. Especially formulated to protect hands and safeguard them from environmental and household damage.


See fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced with its naturally superior moisturising effects.


Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience:


SMELL Take in the soft subtle, lovely scents of butter and honey.

FEEL Your hands becoming smoother and softer from the very first use.

SEE The fine lines and wrinkles dissipate as smoother skin emerges.


Foot Cream


Feel the soothing difference of cracked, rough or dry skin as the Relaxing Foot Nourishing Cream helps both repair and protect your feet.


Helps work to prevent unpleasant foot odors by healing and protecting your depleted foot areas. Protects against further dryness by both moisturising and sealing in needed moisture before it dissipates.


The precious minerals help nourish and protect that might just be the root of the problem.


Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience:


SMELL Enjoy the soft natural scents of honey and butter.

FEEL The welcome relief of healing.

SEE Visible results with continued daily use.


Dead Sea Mud Soap for Face and Body


This spa-level cosmetic soap based on Dead Sea mud works deeply to mattify, soaking up the excess sebum and other oils leaving your skin with that nice matte look that’s ready and primed for your rejuvenating and moisturising products.


Delivers the unique sensation of mattified skin that’s moisturized and soft, yet primed and ready to hyper-absorb your treatment products. Designed to restore moisture and rejuvenate your skin.

Fights blemishes even in problem areas by removing the excess sebum that clogs pores, trapping the dirt that can create numerous skin issues.


Maintains the natural moisture level of the skin even after its deep cleansing removes the oily build-up you needed to alleviate.


Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience:


SMELL A soft pleasant tone that does not compete with your favorite fragrance of the day.

SEE The amazing moisture-rich matte look that you can literally sense, ready to accept your favorite treatment products designed to moisturise and renew.

FEEL The smooth, soft sensation of skin that’s finally oil-balanced the way clean, pure skin is intended to be.

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