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Micro Bubble Face Cleaner

Micro Bubble Face Cleaner


This device offers a non-invasive skincare treatment which by spraying water, exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells to improve blood flow. The dirt residues are sucked up into your cleaner for easy disposal leaving you with smoother looking skin than ever before!


This 5-minute facial improves texture of all types as well as fine lines/wrinkles; hydrates while improving oxygenation levels (a key ingredient!). It also stimulates collagen production reversing any aging effects as it unclogs pores removing blackheads and white heads.


Offer 3 adjustable settings and 6 probe heads (3 soft and 3 hard).


Select either the:


  • Soft Probes (small, medium or large) select the correct size depending on the area you wish to clean, for example the small probe is better for smaller areas such as nose and alar whereas the large probe is best for the complete face. The soft probes are gentle for the skin, or
  • Hard Probes (small, medium or large) they work better when using higher suction settings for the face or décolletage as they get into deeper tissue and remove dead skin and loosen blackheads. 
    GST Included
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